Archiving Tools

- Archivers 42KAcb v1.28b - designed for preliminary information compression for communication purposes, minimum 486SX-33Mhz 16Mb, Pentium 133Mhz 16Mb RAM recommended
ain.arj 37KAIN v2.2 Cyrillic version
ain22eng.arj 35KAIN v2.2 English version 26KARI v1.14 - High perfomance archiver, self-extract release
arj241a.exe 218KArj v2.41a
arj250.exe 269KArj v2.50
arj255x.exe 196KArj v2.55x Alpha (W95 long filenames support)
arj255c.exe 343KArj v2.55C
arj260.exe 346KArj v2.60 19KCompress v4.3d
fix_241.arj 0KArj v2.41 bug fix 114KGNU Zip v1.2.4
hyper25.arj 22KHyper v2.5
infozip.exe 398KZip v2.2 for Win32
jar101c.exe 500KJAR v1.01
lha213.exe 43KLha v2.13
lha255b.exe 26KLha v2.55á (exe only)
limit10.arj 28KLIMIT v1.0 - Packs faster than PKZIP and better than ARJ
pak250.arj 85KPak v2.50
pkz204g.exe 197KPkZip v2.04g
pkzip206.arj 85KPkzip v2.06
pk250w16.exe 576KPKZip v2.50 for Windows 16-bit
pk250w32.exe 660KPKZip v2.50 for Windows 32-bit
pk260w32.exe 737KPKZip v2.60 for Windows 32-bit
ppunp.arj 2KPPUNP v1.02 - PowerPacked file unpacker 48KRKIVE v1.1 - a high performance solids archiver. It uses latest compression techniques to gain better compression levels than many of the current popular archivers while still maintaining a reasonable decompression time 73KRKIVE file archiver v1.14. Good compression, Win95 long names.
rar155.exe 263KRAR v1.55
rar20b.exe 99KRAR v2.0 beta
rar200.exe 260KRAR v2.00 Full release
rar201.exe 267KRAR v2.01
wrar201.exe 480KRAR v2.01 for Windows 35KSLIM File Compression System V1.10: SLIM is a TSR utility used to compress any file and decompress them in real-time when needed!!! 37K*NIX TAR archiver
winrar20.arj 235KWinRAR v2.00 - integrated archive manager for Windows - graphical shell interface / command-line driven - NEW compression algorithm, recovery record option, file order list, drag-and-drop facility, etc.
wrar200b.exe 427KWINRAR ver 2.00 Beeta 2 , English The Best from the Best, SFX for W95 & DOS Dictionary size 64kb 128kb 512kb 1024kb
zoo210.arj 51KZoo v2.10

- Exe file compression

cpk45.exe 48KCOMPACK v4.5 - Produces the fastest and smallest EXE and COM files compared with EXEPACK, LZEXE, PKLITE, DIET etc.
diet144.arj 37KDiet v1.44
dislt101.arj 24KDisLite v1.01 - Extract "unextractable" PkLite files 50KThe OBSESSiON EXE-Dumper v2.3 - unpacks any exepacked file. It means that a file packed with an unknown exepacker, can be expanded to it's original size and format. Supports the following debuggers: Soft-Ice, GameTools & Turbo Debugger
extra.arj 0KEmulation EXTRA method for PKLITE
lzexe91.lzh 40KLzExe v0.91
pgmpak.lzh 33KPgmPak v0.13 by Todor Todorov
pklt120r.arj 31KPkLite Professional v1.20
pklte150.exe 37KPkLite v1.50
pklts201.exe 77KPkLite v2.01
tsup160.arj 13KUniversal EXE unpacker v1.60 from TSEP
unl30ecr.arj 3KPkunlite v3.0
unlzexe7.arj 12KUnLzExe v0.7 with sources 34KUNP v4.11 - Uncompresses files compressed with DIET, EXEPACK, LZEXE, PKLITE and many other file compression utilities 63KX-Tract v1.51 - Executable file extractor for: PKLITE, PROTECT!, LZEXE, DIET, COMPACK, EXEPACK, TINYPROG, ICE, PRO-PACK, AINEXE, ADY's GLUE, BIN-Lock, WWPACK, MEGALITE, and a LOT OF MORE programs!

- Archiving tools

arcview.arj 9KZOO/ARC/PAK/ICE/LZH/ZIP/ARJ viewer for NC 3.0 (v1.3) 83KArcview v6.9 51KBase64/Mime encoder/decoder for DOS. Works on many different formats, and can split files for encoding and decoding. Includes Windows interface
chklharc.arj 8KSearch for self-executing LHARCs
dirc100.lzh 40KDirc v1.00
gus_140.lzh 22KGeneral Unpack Shell v1.60
guuc.arj 10KDecodes splitted & uuencoded files
lzeshl30.arj 23KShell for LzExe 43KMpack/Munpack v1.5 - utilities for encoding and decoding files in MIME format mail messages
ncz1-3.arj 15KZip Selected files in NC
va104.arj 13KA program to view the contents several archives from the DOS command line

Total 8130 KBytes in 63 files
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