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AWE32 User Home PageOriginAbout them
-A-Alan's MIDI WWW HomepageAlan Chia, SingaporeAlan is an example of a music illiterate person who is able to compose music. He uses an AWE32 with 2M RAM
ALMP Home PageWitold R. Jachimczyk, PolandIf you are looking for Linux AWE32 module player, ALMP has just the program for you.
Angel Massa's Home PageAngel Massa, Bacelona - SpainAngel has written his first MIDI composition with Korg 01/Wfd keyboard and Sound Blaster AWE32. Check out his own home page.
Anne Wallace's MIDI PageAnn Wallace, UKAnne has her own personal page that has song files, links and information for users of Sound Blaster AWE32
-B-AWE32 Page of Botta MauroBotta Mauro, ItalyBotta web page provides a comprehesive list of programs, drivers and more.
AWE32 Music Software PageCumerlato Sandro, ItalyHere's a dedicated site that lists all the best programs for your Sound Blaster AWE32 - Convertors, Trackers, Samplers, Editors, Utilities, Module & MIDI players
Jordan van Bergen, NetherlandsJordan's impressive site has AWE Songs, News, Links, Hints-Tips, Programs & SF2 Info. He also features AWE compositions in his site regularly
AWE32 JammersBen, USABen runs a popular Mailing list for AWE enthusiasts. His site has the following: AWE32-Jammers Info, SBK-Files,Midi files, Mail list information, AWE32 technical information
AWE vs AnalogBen, UKWhen Ben started playing with his AWE32 and CakeWalk, he found that he could easily produce analog sounds
AWE32: The Pages of Naked TruthMathias C. Hjelt, FinlandAccording to Mathias, these pages deal with things that every AWE user should be aware of, especially those who are interested in getting the most out of the card in terms of sound quality, and those who want to know what the difference between the AWE and a professional sampler is.
-C-Carl Mikael Boring's Home PageCarl Mikael Boring, USACarl and his friend Rolf are creating HIFI instruments & sound fx for the AWE32/SB32 user. They web pages also includes EMU information too.
C.Pfeiffer Home PageCarsten Pfeiffer, GermanyCarsten loves computer music. He uses an impressive SB 32 PnP with 8MB Sample Ram
Cobra's Music Home PageFabian, Denmark,Fabian uses different hardware to make music. But he prefers the AWE32. Check out his music (with SoundFont support)
Computer Music (P. Fishwick)Paul Fishwick, USAPaul has composed several pieces for the Sound Blaster AWE32. He also offers a Real Audio version of his music.
-I-Ibane Serna AWE WorldIbane Serna, SpainHere you'll find usefull programs to burst all the AWE 32 or the new SB 32 power. Also you'll know about all the AWE 32 related info and finally can connect to
other AWE 32 sites via links.
-J-Jonas´ AWE32 PageJonas, DenmarkThis dedicated AWE site providers you with several tools/players Specific For The AWE32 like Mod Players and AWE Trackers.
-L-La la la midi pageLars Peter Larsen, DenmarkLars conducts votes for top 10 midi files on his own web site. He uses the Sound Blaster AWE32 to create music
LYNNE / Dr.Awesome MIDI songsBjorn Lynne, UKBjorn calls himself "Dr AWEsome". Hear his AWEsome music composed with the Sound Blaster AWE32.
-M-Maestro Chong Hooi Chia's HomepageChong Hooi Chia, MalaysiaAnother new AWE mailing list from Asia region. Currently this mailing list has 40 people and is growing more day by day.
Mark J. Finocchio's Home PageMark J. Finocchio, MexicoMarks collects his own library of MIDI files and recommends the Sound Blaster AWE32
Master Bego's Home PageBego, SwedenImmigrated from Amiga to PC platform, this self taught musician songs are very harmonic and has a cheerful tune to it.
Matt Magic's MIDI PageMatt Johnson, USAMatt is a composer. Check out his compositions written with the Sound Blaster AWE32.
Megota's AWE32 & Music HomepageMarkus Eisenstoeck, AustriaMarcus has written his very own AWE application called AWE Virtual Bank Manager to make music production easier. Check it out!
MIDI Music for AWE32Max Dawa, USAMax makes available his compositions. He recommends a Sound Blaster AWE32 which he uses.
MIDI ManiaEric and Ralph Billingsley, CanadaDownload AWE32 compositions from these 2 talented composers.
-S-SBK files for the AWE32Christer, SwedenChrister loves creating SoundFont banks. You can download a generous collection of banks such as effects, drums, etc..
Scott Piccotti Personal Home PageScott Piccotti, Bethlehem, JerusalemScot is currently working toward a degree in music compositon. He uses the Sound Blaster AWE32 to create his music compositions.
Sound Blaster AWE32 PnP Web SiteRick Person, USAThis site is dedicated to providing useful information to Sound Blaster AWE32 PnP and Blaster 32 PnP users.
Stipus Home PageJean-Michel Joudrier, FranceIf you like listening to midi files and you hate loading manually the right SBK(s) via the AWE control panel, Jean-Michel has the solution for you - AWE MIDI Player
Strange LabsNicholas Choukroun, FranceWant to hear something very different and original from your AWE32, then check out what Nicholas music has to offer.
-T-The Finn HouseFinn, UKFinn is an analyst programmer who takes pride in his excellent dinning room studio. He used the Sound Blaster AWe32 as one of his tools.
The Home of AWE32Patrick Jakiel, SwedenThis site contains loads of information relating to the Sound Blaster 32 / AWE32. Patrick also talks about the 8 MB GM set. Here it in real-time.
THE MAN'S AWE32 BLASTIN PAGEEdwin Man., USAHere's another dedicated AWE 32 site.
The Sound Blaster AWE32Ali Bash, USAAli talks about the capabilities and features of the Sound Blaster AWE32
The Sound Blaster AWE32 HomePageJesper/Johan, JesperJesper / Johan have probably one of the most comprehensive information on the Sound Blaster AWE32 and all kinds of goodies.
Thesis CompendiumStephen Salazar, USAHear AWE32 music 'on-demand' for 14.4 and 28.8 modems via Internet Wave by Vocaltec! SoundFont banks for download.
Torture Of Music Home PageTorture Of Music, NorwayTorture Of Music (ToM) is involved in making tracked music on PC along with a development of the well known AWE32 Module player (AMP) for Sound Blaster AWE32 and compatibles.
-U-Uli's MIDI PageUlrich Zukowski, DenmarkUlrich runs a MIDI site with several useful music links. He uses Sound Blaster AWE32 for Computer Music.

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