Windows Utilities

acroread.exe 1492KAdobe Acrobat Reader 2.1 - view, navigate, print and present Portable Document Format (PDF) files 231KWindows 95 Boot Log Analyser
bootmgr.arj 99KBoot Maneger 95 v1.1a - allows you to configure Win 95 bootup options 541KDRAG AND FILE for Win 95/NT v.1 5 <ASP> - replacement for Windows File Manager. Copy, move, view, zip files from single or multiple windows. Config toolbar. DOS command line. Synch. directories. Filter Sets. Views files on all drives. 242KESS-Code 7.6 for Windows95/NT - converts binary data to plain-text for transmission over network. Supports UUE, UUD, MIME, UNMIME, SHIP, UNSHIP, BTOA, ATOB, file splitting/joining, filtering, and a comprehensive batch language.
far140b.exe 419KFAR v1.40 beta for Windows 95/NT - The File and Archive manager, text mode. Features: long file names support, user defined view modes, file descriptions, files highlighting, drag and drop, user menu, file associations, task list and co 97KSEMS electronics Function Draw v1.0 for Win 95/NT - draws parabels, lines and ellipses - calculates the roots of parabels 72KHIDE-IT! v1.1 for Windows 95 - hides windows, taking them out off the screen, off the taskbar and off the ALT-TAB chain 19KHot Corners v1.2 for Windows 95 Allows you to activate or disable the screen saver by positioning the cursor in a user-defined corner of the screen. 376KHex Workshop, the Professional Hex Editor, is a file and disk editor which allows you to edit, insert, delete, cut, copy and paste hex. Additional features include goto, find, replace, and compare 780KInfoSpy - The Complete Windows Utility Program which combines the power of a Resource Monitor, a task scheduler, an environment spy, system alarms, Screen Capture utility, On-Top utility and Windows activity tracing 149KJava Station v0.99b - Java Station is a multi-threaded IDE for Java. It will allow you to edit Java text files and compile them. You must have the Java Development Kit from Sun. 2781KJava Developer Kit 1.0.2 For Windows 95 & NT
jdk11win.exe 7741KJava Development Kit 1.1 for Windows 95 & NT 331KMACRO MANIA v3.1 - Launch new or switch to currently running Windows programs. Send any keystroke to any Windows program. You can transport data between programs, schedule macros & messages, play WAV files, and much more. 19KMOO v4.0 - menu system for Windows 95 28KPost It - keeping notes and reminders on your Windows 95 desktop 482KStar Trek TNG Desktop Theme for Microsoft Plus! for Windows 95 29KSuperMenu v2.0 - selects the Win95 StartMenu button by clicking the right mouse-button (alternate mouse-button). 100KTips & Tricks for Win95 33KTweak UI for Win95 - you can change menu speed, mouse sensitivity, window animation, shortcut appearance and default names, etc. 829KTEXTPAD v2.0 - "TextPad is the BEST 32-bit text editor I've seen! It's fast, loaded with features, and beautifully done. Get it!" Available for Windows 95/NT & Windows 3.1.
tze.exe 38KWindows Time Zone Editor utility for Windows 95/NT 560KUltraEdit-32 Text/Binary Editor 3.10 Text/Hex editor, unlimited file size. Column edit with column fill,cut,delete, insert squential number. HEX editing with cut/copy/paste. Macros, bookmarks, find/replace, word-wrap, fixup CR/LF. Auto 38KVRAMDIR 1.07 for Win95 - a dynamic 32-bit virtual RAM file system driver for Win95. Replaces RAM disks and speeds up hard-disk related operations. 19KWinHacker 95 v1.0 - set Win95 hidden options 26KWinHacker 95 v1.1 - gives the user a way to easily configure hidden options in Win95 that are not in the GUI & more
winzip95.exe 486KWinZip v6.1 for Win95 1155KWin-eXpose-I/O v2.00 - Windows 95 Files I/O Tracer/Debugger. Gives REAL-TIME report on files I/O all over the system (even DOS BOXES) a MUST HAVE tool for anyone who tries to find out which file an application is using or missing. 220KAeco Zip Explorer v2.01 - ZIP/TAR/TGZ/Z/LZH file manager for Windows 95. Installs into Win95 Explorer; and explore ZIP file from *within* Windows Explorer! Extensive drag n' drop, context menus and InstantView of contents.

- Graphics

acdsee95.arj 0KACDSee v1.0b2 for Windows 95 - High-performance 32-bit image viewer. Supports: BMP, GIF, JPEG, Photo-CD, PCX, PNG, TGA, TIFF. Rapid decoding & display Quick image thumbnail preview. Slideshow, drag-drop, fit to window. Quick zoom in/out 563KAVI Constructor v1.2 - creates AVI files from captured images or separate bitmap (BMP) images files already located on a disk. 305KLView Pro - an image editor for Windows 3.1/95/NT. Supports: JPEG, GIF, TIFF, Targa, BMP, PCX and PBMPLUS' PBM, PGM and PPM formats 638KMicroangelo v2.1 for Windows 95 - Browse, manage, create, and edit icons from 8x8 to 64x64 pixels in size and up to 256 colors. Explorer-like Browser specializes in locating icons on your system. 406KPolyView V2.20 by Polybytes. Shareware BMP, GIF, JPEG, photo-cd, PNG, and TIFF graphics viewer, file conversion, and printing utility for Windows NT and Windows 95. 14KShoot! v1.2 - take shots of your Windows screen 1104KPhotoVision 1.1 for Windows. Photo and image manipulation, conversion, compression, draw, slideshow, scan, and screen capture. Handles all bitmap image formats, and most vector formats. Over 50 special effects, including emboss, pos 147KPOV-Ray v2.2 for Windows 95 - ray-traceing program

- Sound 283KAwave v3.0 - Audio & wavetable instrument file converter, editor & player for Windows 95/NT v3.51/3.1. Supports over 100 different instrument file formats 62KCDAudio Player for Windows 95
gldwav20.arj 258KGoldWave v2.0 - sound editor, player and recorder 967KMellosoftron v1.0 - live sampler and patch editor. Can be played with a MIDI keyboard, the computer keyboard or a mouse. Uses WAVmaker/MIDInight Express patches. Windows 95 155KMOD/S3M/XM Player for Win95. Uses the SEAL audio library. Includes Delphi32 source code 220KSimSynth - a sound synthesizer. It allows you to create new sounds. SimSynth does for sound what a paint program does for graphics. SimSynth generates RIFF wave format files, (.WAV files) 190KWinAmp v1.0 - Layer 3 MPEG Audio player for Windows 95 and NT 192KWinAmp v1.1 - Layer 3 MPEG Audio player for Windows 95 and NT 628KWinSpeech v3.0 - text reading application

- Drivers

awe_w95.arj 168KSound Blaster 16/AWE-32 updated drivers for Windows 95 (driver ver 4.11) 452KTeac CD-55A drivers for Win 95 Rev. B 80KGravis Ultrasound drivers for Windows 95 v1.0 12KNdis3pkt v1.3 - a Windows VxD which provides a packet driver interface on top of NDIS v3.x 10KTeac CD-55A drivers for Win 95 Rev. C 61KAvance Logic video card drivers

- Networking 196KWFTPD v2.02 - Winsock FTP Server. Allows you to administer an FTP site from your own Windows machine. Easy to use and configure, and notoriously stable.
mirc45.arj 639KmIRC v4.5 for Win 95 - Internet relay chat client
mirc47t.exe 660KmIRC v4.7 for Win 95 - Internet relay chat client
msie20.exe 1167KMicrosoft Internet Explorer v2.0
msie302m.exe 10630KMicrosoft Internet Explorer v3.02
ie301upd.exe 353KInternet Explorer 3.01a for Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 Security Fix
n32e30.exe 3539KNetscape Navigator 32-bit v3.0 final 1035KNetTerm v2.8.8 - terminal emulator with Zmodem file transfers. Can be used as a dialer for SLIP/PPP. Also contains FTP server 416KCRT v1.0 - Combined Rlogin and Telnet - 32-bit winsock terminal emulator that supports the rlogin and telnet protocol as well as telnet via a SOCKS firewall. CRT supports ZModem file transfer over telnet (download only).
ntcrt112.exe 833KCRT v1.1.2 beta 4 - Combined Rlogin and Telnet - 32-bit winsock terminal emulator that supports the rlogin and telnet protocol as well as telnet via a SOCKS firewall. CRT supports ZModem file transfer over telnet (download only). 271KWinsock RSHD/95 is a Windows 95 version of the Unix Remote Shell Deamon. It accepts requests for commands from the "rsh" command and runs them on the PC. It also allows file copies to and from the PC via "rcp" 119KSimpTerm v0.9.4 - WINSOCK Edition - A telnet/rlogin client with file download and KANJI display support 268KStomper v3.21 for Windows 95 Modemsharing in networks - Modem-Server for Windows 3.x/95 153KWindows 95 Technical Notes: Microsoft TCP/IP and Windows 95 Networking 1369KTelix for Windows 1.15d - comm program with a Telnet client, WINSOCK SLIP/Shell account Internet access, hooks to external FTP and other Internet tools, and has been thoroughly tested for use under Win-95. Disk [1/2] 1406KTelix for Windows 1.15d supports over 450 modems; cost calculation; VT-220, WYSE-75, and ANSI X3.64 terminal emulation; color scrollback; script recorder; built-in editor, Modem Sniffer INT-14/FOSSIL support. Disk [2/2] 232KTrumpet Winsock 32-bit Beta r7 for Win95
twsk30a.exe 555KTrumpet Winsock Version 3.0 for Win3.1x / Win95
wftpd152.exe 1548KWar FTP Daemon v1.52 144KWindows Sockets FTP Client Application - WS_FTP32 - Version 95.04.24 6KHow to combine 2 or more modems with Windows95 to gain over 33.6k speed on Internet

Total 51922 KBytes in 74 files
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