BBS Software

- Maximus Utilities 433KMaximus v2.02 - Common files and documentation 485KMaximus v2.02 - DOS (real-mode) executables 673KMaximus v3.01 - Common files and documentation 501KMaximus v3.01 - Windows NT/95 executables 819KMaximus v3.01 - OS/2 executables 936KMaximus v3.01 - DOS executables

133-4max.arj 12KSound modules collection for Max2
blokdr10.arj 22KBlocks Door v1.0 - BBS tetris door
daytona.arj 6KThe Daytona Utilities
dlcount1.arj 8KDownload counter v1.3
dllog_13.arj 10KMulti-line download log reporter
eacv412.arj 47KEchoarea usage counter - message area anaylsis tool which counts the number of times users change into a msg area. For Opus/Max
espsysop.arj 66KESPSysop v2.00 - Another user editor
fb_h.arj 1KBinary file database structures
febbs192.arj 321KFebbs v1.92 - BBS file area manager
febbs196.arj 436KFebbs v1.96 - BBS file area manager
idrv004.arj 22KIEMSI driver for Maximus 2.0
juke01.arj 18KGives to online user ability to a select yelling tune
lastcal2.lzh 10KList today's callers
lex100.arj 8KLexical analysis of messages - Makes a msg analysis after the user entered a msg.
max200.rus 0KRussian lettars for Maximus 2.0
max2fd2a.arj 12KMAX2FD v2.0a - Convert Maximus' LASTUSER.BBS to FD's LASTCALL.FD
max3feat.arj 4KMaximus v3.0 feature list
maxfon20.arj 14KStdPhNum v2.0 - Converts all phone numbers im Max user base to a format of (xxx)yyy-zzzz.
maxgraph.arj 12KMaxgraph v2.3 - System usage
maxipc.arj 5KMax IPC Greator
max_ng.arj 80KNorton Guide for Maximus, MsgAPI, etc.
mloc200.arj 33KMloc v2.00 - fast "Locate file" replacement
msg45.arj 86KMSG v4.5 - Squish message base editor
msgedsq.arj 78KMsged/sq v2.G2 - FTSC & Squish message editor
msg_lrd.arj 4KSquish/Fido message base lastread and renumber support module v1.1
mstr20r1.arj 18KMaximus v2.0 Data structures
musers20.arj 19KMaxUsers v2.0a - Top Ten generator
mutt100.arj 23KM.U.T.T. v1.0 - Maximus User's Time Bank
op2fd100.arj 13KOP2FD Log Converter v1.00
psyest.arj 4KEstonian PSYS Language File
psys.arj 32KThe Psychological SysOp v1.0á - `semi-intelligent' SysOp emulator
ps_lng.arj 4KAnother Estonian PSYS Language File
randtune.arj 9KPlay random yell tunes
stats2.arj 8KTop user lists in separate files
sysnext.arj 7KSysop-is-Next key feature for Maximus 2.00
tags02.arj 34KShow message areas that users are tagged
tang100.arj 14KUpdate FILES.BBS with description
tickfb.lzh 8KRun FB after processing TIC files
topuser3.lzh 8KTop user list
topx_110.lzh 70KTopicX - message archival system
turbofb.lzh 15KFaster Maximus file database compiler
uedit200.arj 96KUEDit Version 2.00
up200-1.lzh 5KPatch for UEdit 2.00 to properly show US-format dates
usage22.arj 37KGenerate system usage graph from Maximus or Binkley log. C sources included 24KUSRSTATS - MEX version 2.0

- MEX files

ctf100.arj 6KA drop-in replacement for the 'File titles' command on the file menu. It allows users to tag files by number.
filedoor.lzh 7KF-titles v1.0 - A replacement or add on for the file_titles statement
fl08.arj 11KFileBrowser v0.8á - full-screen files.bbs viewer, allows to browse filelist and tag files with the arrow keys
maxkit10.arj 21KMAXKIT10, Group of programs for newer max Sysops to add new and updates to Max 3 6KMEX WorkShop v1.0. SysOp utility helps write, compile and test MEX files. 9KA MEX program to permit single-key tag-ging for download of files. Includes support for download counters, free time/byte files.

- Squish Utilities 70KSMAPI; Modified Squish MSGAPI - version 1.2 Released in February 1997. Contains a modified version of Scott Dudley's original MSGAPI0 which supports compilation on a number of other platforms in addition to those supported by MSGAPI0.
sqaf96a5.arj 80KSqaFix v0.96/a5 - AreaFix for Squish
sqdev200.arj 696KSquish Developers Kit v2.0
sqpatch.arj 3KPatch for Squish v1.01. Fixes problem with 4D point addresses 39KSqReport v1.0 - a utility to report on the mail activity of your system based on the log output from the SQUISH mail tosser/scanner 653KSquish Echomail Processor v1.11 72KSMAPI; Modified Squish MSGAPI - version 1.3 Released in March 1997. Contains a modified version of Scott Dudley's original MSGAPI0 which supports compilation on a number of other platforms in addition to those supported by MSGAPI0.

- GoldEd 332KGoldEd 2.50 DOS version 265KGoldEd 2.50 Manuals 322KGoldED v3.00.Alpha1 486KMsgedsq v3.30 - *.MSG & Squish compatible message editor + sources

- Misc stuff 1327KAltair v1.10 - 32 bit Fidonet mail tosser for Windows NT/95. Supports PCB 14.5, JAM, *.MSG, Squish and PowerBBS 4.5 formats 674KALTAIR v1.20 - 32-bit FidoNet compatable mail tosser for WinNT/Win95. Tosses from *.PKT to *.MSG, Squish, JAM, PCB 14.5, PowerBBS 4.5 and 5.x, Spitfire 3.51, and now Searchlight 4.x and 5.0. Works with Binkley and FrontDoor style mailer
fe145.arj 598KFastEcho v1.45
ge111r.arj 337KGecho v1.11+
kspftp13.arj 89KKSP FTP v1.3 - A BBS Door Program. Lets callers download files from remote ftp sites 169KKSP-Mail v2.7 - A Multi-Threaded Server for SMTP Mail and NNTP Usenet news. Replaces UUCP. Works with any BBS software that presently uses UUCP. Requires a 24hr TCP/IP Internet connection.
ksptel36.arj 84KKSP Telnet v3.6 - A BBS Door Program. Lets callers login through your BBS to remote computers using the Internet 725KLora Bulletin Board System and Electronic Mail Interface v2.32 339KProFAM v3.00 - Professional File Area Manager for RA 1.11/2.00, Maximus 2.x, PCBoard 14/15 and ProBoard 1.21. Description Editor, File Area setup, Sorting, Listing and much, much more! All in one easy-to-use program!
tick210.lzh 96KTick v2.10 - file echo protsessor 371KFile Wizard v1.3 - Areamanager for BBS sysops. Supports SuperBBS, QuickBBS, RA 1.11, RA 2.0x, LoraBBS, WME, ProBoard, Maximus, FLSEARCH.CTL

Total 13534 KBytes in 79 files
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