- Graphics

3drotsrc.arj 13KIntro to 3D rotations 10KControllable fractalzoom source, including explanation to make it simple to understand and improve CuteElf/4ge
as.arj 6KVirtual reality part from Amneasia demo
bars.lzh 7KSource for copper bars (2 methods) 11K3d & 2d rotation
checkvsa.arj 1KCheck if computer is VESA compatible
cirboost.arj 86KSpeed up Cirrus 542x video cards by changing some write-delays and FIFO parameters
colprint.arj 1KPrints a colored string at current cursor location
copper.arj 3KVGA palette changing
cprint.arj 2KDirect video color printing routine 53KCrossfade - fading smoothly from one image to another
drawchar.arj 1KDecode a 8 byte bit pattern (character) into a 8x8 pixel image
ease-c.arj 1KReprogram VGA braces for easier reading
ega.arj 2KEGA graphics programming examples
egafont.arj 1KProgramming EGA fonts
egalines.arj 1KSetting odd number of text lines on EGA/VGA
egaorig.arj 1KSet screen origin address for EGA
egaspr.arj 10K16-color EGA or VGA sprite routines
egastart.arj 0KChest: Page switching in EGA/VGA graphics modes
fakemode.arj 13KFakemode documentation - Up to 3840 colors on standard VGA! Asm & C++ source included
flag.lzh 111KStreaming flag effect
flame.arj 2KFlame effect
flames2.lzh 2KFire-flames effect
fpoly256.arj 18K3D polygon graphics sources (X-mode)
fpoly256.lzh 33KA X mode (320x200x256 colors, 4 pages) polygon and line blitter package 4KA pallete rotating program that uses interaction with the mouse to determine how these fractals look
gor_flag.arj 6KSine-Flag - sinus flag tester 386+
gor_land.arj 8KLand Runner - fake 3D dot landscape 386+
graphpro.lzh 390KContains all of the Dr. Dobb's ASM and graphics columns from 1988 to 1994.
hgc-view.arj 7KMicroscopic letters on Hercules
howard.arj 7KSuper VGA programming <Christopher A. Howard>
keyboard.arj 3KEstonian chars from IBM font
keybrdne.arj 3KKEYBOARD for Hecrules+ 39KLens effect sources
lensv10a.arj 39KGood lens effect, but almost no documentation
mcgaprg.arj 1KMCGA programming tricks
mode-x.arj 5KSmooth scroll in Mode-X
modex.arj 13KA complete VGA Mode X library 30KSmooth vertical scroller by Patch. Made for the intro Motion by Avalanche 10KFadein and fadeout routines + explanations
pcxload.arj 2KPCX file viewer
posxy.arj 0KPosition pixel at x,y
ps2keyb.arj 11KCyrillic for EGA/VGA/MCGA/Hercules(mod)
pscale.arj 6KRoutine for scaling bitmaps 5KAn rotating example on how to rotate a font
rotate2d.arj 7K2D-rotation algorithm and implementation
rotate3d.arj 13K3D-rotation algorithm and implementation 126KA Fast 3D Landscape by TTT 4KSVGA VESA programming routines
set_hgc.arj 0KSwitch Hercules in graphics mode
sprites.arj 10KEGA sprites (640x350x16)
stars.lzh 10KVLA Presents Intro To Starfields
stpal256.arj 0KProgramming DAC
svga256.arj 4KVGA 256 graphics routines
svgaline.arj 4KVESA SVGA programming tutorial - Bresenham's line
swvga.arj 5KTSR for switching betwen ROM and user defined VGA fonts 31KDot Tunnel by Insane Creators
tasm_vid.arj 12KDirect video access routines for text mode 31KBlack Magic TechnoFun is source to make circles ANDing effect
texture.arj 25KPolygonfiller for texturemapped polygons
vga43_50.arj 0KSwitching text mode rows on EGA/VGA
vga480.arj 1KSet 80x35 mode with 8x16 font
vgabank.arj 1KVGA bank switching
vgafnt.arj 0KHow to load VGA font 26KVGA Text Attributes and Special Effects
vgakit52.arj 15KVGA/SVGA programming toolkit v5.2
vga_code.arj 50KEGA & VGA examples
vidtype.arj 13KDetects what type of video adapter is installed
vla_font.lzh 71KFonts and scrollers by VLA
whatcrt.arj 2KVideo adapter identification
wm-h_src.arj 42KACIDween greeter by Wonder monkey VGA, AdLib
w_512400.arj 17K512x400x256 chained video mode for Cirrus Logic (asm+C)

- DesqView

backdrop.arj 4KDESQview wallpaper
chkdv.arj 5KASM source to make program DesqView aware
ddkit.arj 7KDevice driver development kit
dvexec.arj 4KStart DV task from command line
dvintqb.arj 1KQuickBasic interfaces to DESQview
dvmacros.arj 4KASM macros for DV programming

- Networking 31KProvides an Ethernet or a Token Ring Packet Driver interface on top of NDIS (3Com/Microsoft) protocol
net_q.arj 1KGet List of Queue Servers under Netware 3.11
net_sn.arj 1KDisplays Serial Numbers of Netware 14KPacket Bridge - bridge over packet drivers
transfer.arj 3KNETBIOS file transfer

- Hardware handling 154K2M v2.0 source code - Reads & formats 1.44 MB diskettes up to 1.94MB 29KDisplays the component identifier and revision level of your 386 or later CPU
386popad.arj 0K386 processor bug tester
800ks.arj 6KDiskette BIOS enchancer v1.0 sources
a20test.arj 3KA20 line enabling, disabling and testing routines
absdisk.arj 1KInterface to INT25/INT26
async.arj 4KAsync Communication Routines for C
cache.arj 4KDisk cache sources 1KFetch CD volume serial number
chgln_2.arj 3KA TSR which will detect if a diskette has been changed
chips.arj 3KMake out CPU/NDP type 10KSave/restore extended CMOS
comm.arj 3KFullscreen init COM1 & COM2
copro.arj 1KDetects whether coprocessor is installed or not 56KCPU/FPU Feature Detection Library v1.16 - Recognizes 28+ CPUs and 18+ FPUs. Determines CPU clock speed. Windows, OS/2 & DV aware
cpuid.arj 3KDetermines (co-) processor
cpuid3.arj 4KDetects what type of CPU and FPU is installed (including Pentium)
cpu_intl.arj 1KAnother CPU type detector
dcache.arj 10KHD cache from PC Magazine
dmalib11.arj 4KDMA programming library
dma_vla.lzh 2KIntro to DMA programming by VLA 9KGet drive existence A-Z and type
feep.arj 0KTimer interrupt diagnostic checker
gameport.arj 0KDetects whether there is a gameport
govoice.arj 0KChest: More on reprogramming clock tick rate
ia2d.arj 1KInterrupt-driven A/D conversion example
ibmrs232.arj 18KRS-232 Driver
int14.arj 7KCOM port utilites
joysdk11.arj 14KPC GamePad and Analog Pro SDK v1.1
joysdk11.lzh 33KJoystick software development kit from Gravis 44KPC GamePad and Analog Pro SDK v2.0 - Contains technical information about the PC GamePad, Analog Pro and PC gameport, pin out for a PC gameport, ASM and C routines on how to access the PC gameport 25KINT9 (IRQ1) keyboard handler #9 by Patch 9KKeyboard Management Library
keyback.arj 1KRestore KBD INT with mouse button
komm.arj 8KDevice drivers for COM1 & COM2 55KLL_COMM v1.3 - 32-bit serial port code for use with Watcom C/C++
mouse.arj 1KRoutines for interfacing to a MS-compatible mouse driver
m_init.arj 1KHercules-proof Mouse Initialization
ox.arj 3KRedirects aux to secondary monochrome monitor
pcdma.arj 3KPC DMA programming kit
qdram.arj 1KDecrease DRAM refresh rate to boost CPU
reboot.arj 0KGenerate hardware reset (AT-specific)
sertype.arj 1KDisplays serial port types
softres.arj 1KBetter algorithm for mouse reset on PS/2
soundasm.arj 1KPlay 12 notes of the octave with PC speaker
talk.arj 4KTerminal emulator with DOS5 task switcher API
timer.arj 2KSample code to change the timer value
timprog.arj 1KReprogramming your timer tick interval
umbfiles.arj 6KMake UMB files (up to 255)
valdriv3.arj 1KValidate disk drives (with fantom drives)
vmacro.arj 4KMacros to write V20/V30 code with MASM
what-cpu.arj 3KMake out CPU type
whatcpu.arj 2KDetects what type of CPU is installed

- Memory managment 115K386Power + eXtended Game Engine v1.01 - Interface to DPMI or VCPI prot.mode services, prot.mode file i/o, graphics routines, etc.
addram.arj 21KAdds memory to DOS using EMS 4.0 memory
code32.arj 34KEverything you needed to start coding in 396 protected mode assembly (Routines, examples, etc). Update of START32 235KDOS32 v3.01 - DOS-extender package for development of 32bit DOS apps. Includes OMF linker, debugger, sources, examples and docs
edisk.arj 7KDevice driver for high memory virtual disk
ems40.arj 23KEmulate EMS on extended memory 40KA simple v86 monitor capable of runnnig DOS
frmi_150.exe 37KFlat Real Mode Interface v1.5
hiload.arj 14KUtility for loading TSR's high
loadall.arj 24KHyperspace - address 16Mb from real mode 8KMASSiVE'S Flat Real Mode - Flat 4 GB memory. Faster as PMODE. Cooperates with all Real Mode routines. Examples included
memmove.arj 2KFast memory move (ASM,self modifying)
pcm100.arj 205KPMC v1.00 32bit extender package for Borland C++ 4.0, PMODE v3.02 extender, CA 1.21 ASM precompiler, Examples and all source code 69KPmode v2.4 - DPMI, VCPI, and XMS compliant protected mode system for the 386 programmer. Works under DesqView, QEMM and Windows 53KPMODE Kernel v3.07 - Protected DOS mode extender by Tran 120KPMODE/W v1.16 DOS Extender for Watcom C/C++. Features: extender size is less than 9k, extender is internal to the EXE, replaces DOS4GW.EXE, fully compatible with Watcom C, fast execution, protected mode EXE compression 80KPMODE v3.06 and PMODE v2.51 - November 1994 - DPMI/VCPI/XMS/raw protected mode interface kernel
protect.lzh 14KProtected mode programming example
release.arj 6KRelease sources
srdisk11.arj 12KSizeable RAM-disk for XMS memory
start32.arj 13KGetting into 32-bit protected mode. Also allows 32-bit protected mode programs access regular DOS and BIOS functions
string.arj 1KFinding strings in memory
testram.arj 1KTest RAM for overlapped areas
vcpi_use.arj 2KDemonstration of use of the VCPI function 0DE0Ah
vemm.arj 35KEMM driver VLSI Technology, Inc.
xm.arj 24K386 DOS Extender
xmslib.arj 8KXMS routines for TC(++)

- Misc

21.arj 18KInt 21 tracer
args.arj 2KParses the command line into a unix-style parameter array
ask_new.arj 5KSmall ask-type menu designer
asmvla00.lzh 16KTutorial and sample code for anyone attempting to learn assembler
asmvla01.lzh 10KSecond installment of assembler tutorial 1764K80x86 Snippets, including the original 80xxx Snippets, the ASM0-Z collection, and many more pieces of code
backdoor.arj 3KClose DOS backdoors to protect from trojans
bgchat.arj 3KBackGround CHAT v1.08
boot100.lzh 2KWarm/cold boot v1.00 - Does a warm or cold reboot. Pulses the RESET signal from the kbd controller for a cold boot
boyerasm.arj 1KBoyer-Moore search implementation
buf160.arj 2KIncrease keyboard buffer
child.arj 2KModel for invoking a child process
chirper.arj 1KA TSR that gives each key a musical tone for audio feedback
crc16.arj 0KNon table-based CRC16 routine
crc32.arj 3KCRC32 routines and tables
ctrlc.arj 1KTrap Ctrl-C, Ctrl-Break, PrintScreen
de-ice.arj 1KA program to extract executables compressed under ICE
dialer.arj 2KResident dialer
disktool.arj 13KFind/Erase duplicate files
dosdev.arj 17KHow to create device drivers for MS-DOS
dosext.arj 21KDOS extender for i386
dump.arj 2KFile dump with ASM source
exepatck.arj 2KFix damaged exepacked files?
fixbug.lzh 2KFixes INTs 02H,06H,10H - A sys file that take cares of INTs 02H and 06H and fixes a common error in INT 10H.
fpt1_rti.arj 9KHow to use Fixed Point (16.16) math tutorial
h2name.arj 1KHandle to Name
idea.arj 1KFinds orginal Int 21 & 8 vector
lptx.arj 17KDirect printer to file 29KSource code and text files describing the implementation and theory of the "Shared Secret" method of password exchange for use on BBSes. This is based on the MD5 (Message Digest 5) algorithm as described in the included Internet RFC doc
mypath.arj 1KPrints full path of current program using the environment tail
nde.arj 9KNorton DOS Editor
newcmd.arj 1KAdd new internal DOS commands
nocad.arj 1KControll - Alt - Delete Handler
numfiles.arj 1KReports the number of SFT entries in CONFIG.SYS
prdec.arj 0KSubroutines to print decimal numbers
rand.arj 1KLinear congruential pseudo-random number generator routine
reboot2.arj 0KReliable rebooter 10KROT13DEV - A functionally useless, but interesting example of a device driver, asm source and .SYS file included.
sortdir2.arj 11KDirectory packer and sorter
star.arj 21KStructured Programming in Assembler 27KSTDERR redirection utility
toadice.arj 3KUnscrambles a .COM file scrambled by ICE v1.0 2KOBSESSiON Mini Debugger v1.0 - an example in how to make your own debugger, or at least how to use int 03 35KTSR programming example
winthere.arj 1KWindows 3.0 detector

Total 5511 KBytes in 208 files
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