exe2com.arj 16KEXE2COM v1.04 - Convert .exe files to .com files

- Language products

8668-101.arj 33K80386 to 68000 Sourcecode-Converter V1.01 709KASM Edit v1.82 - IDE with syntax-colors for ASM files, used with external assembler. Help system with mnemonics up to Pentium Pro, FPU and MMX instructions, VGA programming, interrupt list, DOS tables and formats, etc.
c2pas08b.arj 10KC to Pascal converter
canalyze.arj 23KC code analyser/manager (auto version...)
ccc.arj 11KC code prettyprinter 507K32-bit C compiler for 386+ and m68k processors. Produces assembly code. Preprocessor built-in. ANSI-style library included. Full source for compiler and library. 11KCdecl is a program for encoding and decoding C type-declarations
ch_v001a.arj 19KPreprocess C source files to include missing header files 178KC-lint v1.67 - C source analysing tool 353KCXT v2.35 - C Exploration Tools - C source code analysis. Builds calltree, cross-reference and provides a lot of useful informations. HTML (WWW) and RTF (WinHelp) output possible. DOS and WINDOWS versions available.
c_qedit.arj 2KQedit macros for C programming
exetocom.arj 4KEXE to COM convertor 134K[G]enpc [E]LiTe [M]AcRo [A]ssembler v2.6a - A 8086 to P6 Assembler, based upon genst and Motorola 680x0 8KMASM Converter v1.3 - Converts V6.X .ASM Source to V5.X Format for those who have an Older Assembler
scan200a.arj 26KSCANHELP - automatically generates help files from TP source
shroud.arj 17KC shrouder
tptc17.arj 47KTurbo Pascal -> Turbo C converter v1.17

- Debugging Aids

asmtool.arj 45KASMtool v1.48 by V Communications, Inc.
bi.arj 15KCatch and monitor DOS calls
deb_man.arj 12KDOS's DEBUG user manual 24KDeGlucker v0.03b - Nice and small debugger for DOS. Features: true 80386 Prot.mode debugger, debug DOS programs
ftrace.arj 2KFile open/create function tracer 325KMS DOS 16bit executables of Interactive Disassembler. Common files are required. Version 3.05a 257KThe Interactive DisAssembler v3.05a - full WYSIWYG interactively disassemble for i80x86, i8085, z80, i860, Pentium, i8051, 6502. Input: MS Windows, OS/2 files! EXE,NE,LE,LX,PE,HEX,NLM etc... 403KOS/2 executables of Interactive Disassembler. Common files are required. Version 3.05a 427KMS DOS 32bit (dos4gw v1.97) executables of Interactive Disassembler. Common files are required. Version 3.05a
objedi.arj 16KObjedit v1.0 - Object file symbol editor
objtoasm.arj 17KOBJ -> ASM converter
s-icedox.arj 88KSoft-Ice docs 150KServile Software Decoder (SSD) v5.0 - a code analyser and tracer for 8080/8086 (and some 386) software. Capable of reverse engineering packed and encrypted programs
wda.arj 23K.OBJ files disassembler.
xray.lzh 8KPC-Background monitor

- Borland stuff

bc30p1.arj 5KBorland C++ 3.0 Patches
bc30p2.arj 8KBprland C++ 3.0 Patches
bc30p3.arj 11KBorland C++ 3.0 Patches
bc31p1.arj 9KBorland C++ 3.1 Patches
bc31p2.arj 47KBorland C++ 3.1 Tlink patch
bc31p3.arj 8KBorland C++ 3.1 patch - Fix problems with browsing large files
blx11.arj 11KSource from Borland Language Express Volume 1 Number 1
bp7bugs1.arj 6KBorland Pascal 7.0 bug list 3KFixes Borland C++ 3.0 DPMILOAD.EXE to work properly under DESQVIEW
et3bgi11.arj 5KBGI driver v1.01 for Tseng ET3000 SVGA cards
fix_sign.arj 5KBorland Font Editor font file signature fix-up utility v1.0
svgabg15.arj 4KSuperVGA BGI driver v1.5
tcw3p1.arj 7KTurbo C++ for Windows Patches
td386.arj 15KBorland Turbo Debugger update for MS-DOS 5.0
tdwin31.arj 6KReplacement for WINDEBUG.DLL (TDW & Windows 3.1)
tf386.arj 13KBorland Turbo Profiler update for MS-DOS 5.0
ti1393.arj 3KTrouble shooting Borland products with DOS 6.0
unitre11.arj 8KDisplays unit depence tree from TP compilation

Total 4116 KBytes in 51 files
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