Programming.Source.Windows 16KSuperclass child control implementation. DDJ example 39KFast String Search Algorithm (Boyer) for Windows C/C++ Programmers version 0.4 1392KAutoPlay Development Kit 16KWin32 Console app which demonstrates that Win32 tasks in Windows 95 maintain the current drive and directory in a Win16 task data block (TDB). The source code illustrates how a Win32 program can make DOS calls via the undocumented VxDCa 25KProgram which implements descendant shells around Common Dialogs 68KCMNDLG32 implements the common dialogs under the Windows 95 operating system in their simple form, using a hook, and using templates.
dll.arj 58KWindows custom control programming examples
com2070b.arj 10KSample application that implements a simple property sheet in Windows 95
dosclip.arj 25KSends and receives text to/from Windows Clipboard on DOS prompt 3KHow does Windows 95 behave when all DOS memory is allocated 10KWin32 Console app which demonstrates how to call the undocumented LoadLibrary16 and GetProcAddress16 APIs provided by KERNEL32 87KThis code supplements the DDJ article "A Grid Control for MFC". Included is the complete source and a sample of tabbed window class discussed in the article.
hpclip.arj 2KDemonstrates using a scaling factor when setting a clipping region on a printer device that supports lower graphics resolutions than its text resolution 3KCode to allow imports by ordinal from KERNEL32.DLL in Win95. Useful for getting at undocumented Win32 calls such as VxDCall, GetProcAddress16, and GetpWin16Lock 3KAllows you to use long filenames from Win16 or DOS under Windows 95 21KWalk Win32 address space, finding read-only, read/write, and protected areas 15KProg to enable C++ apps to use member function calls as callback funcs 6KUsing Microsoft Foundation Classes with Borland C++ 3.1 11KDemonstrates the installation and use of a WH_MOUSE mouse message hook 6KDemonstrates how to subclass a window. DDJ example
multinst.arj 11KMicrosoft sample C source for creating multi-instance DLL's 165KBorland's sample of custom controls that interface with Resource Workshop
proton.arj 9KPROTON demonstrates how to create a DPMI application using the MS-DOS Protected Mode Interface provided by Windows 3.0 and 3.1 enhanced modes
rx.arj 19KWindows resource extractor (under DOS)
savecfg.arj 6KApplication to save ProgMan configuration
setkbd.arj 4KSource code to the SETKBD sample application omitted from version 3.0 of the Microsoft Windows Device Development Kit (DDK) 13KDirect Thunking in Windows 95. DDJ example 123KA tiny grafing C++ class 107KTreeView example: Implements the tree view common control 13KCode to de-obfuscate process and thread IDs in Win95. Useful in working with Toolhelp32
vds.arj 21KVirtual DMA Specification supported by Windows enhanced mode & standard mode 15KWin32 functions to manipulate the Windows Virtual Device Driver (VxD) chain. Includes a general-purpose Get_VxD_Proc_Address function, and a Win32 program that displays the VxD list in Win95. 16KVMM32.VXD uses the compressed W4 file format. VXDLIB is utility that works with W4 files: you can dump out the contents of VMM32.VXD, decompress it, recompress it, recompress it, and extract individual VxDs from it. (no source) 10KA small Win32 program which demonstrates the Win16Lock in Windows 95 16KA Win32 Console app which recursive walks the Windows 95 window list, showing that all windows (even Win32 windows) have Win16 underpinnings. The source code illustrates how a Win32 program can use VxDCall to make DOS and DPMI calls 10KWin32 program that accesses its own real-mode DOS PSP: yes, every Win32 process in Win95 must have its own real-mode DOS Program Segment Prefix, located down in conventional memory! 241KCustomizing Delphi Applications. The complete source code and executables to the WinInfo application presented in Al Williams' article on customizing Delphi applications
winnav.arj 24KFile manager
winver.arj 0KHow to optain the Windows Version running

- Graphics 4KSimple animation demo using WinG. Tested with Microsoft VC++ 2.0 running under Windows NT. Always draws to an 8-bpp DIB, but the results can be displayed at any color depth. Adapted from the Cube sample program in the Win 91KAVI player with DirectDraw and DirectSound class implementation 4KC Source for loading BMPs onto Desktop 36KCDX library is a class wrapper for DirectX 32KRamblings in Real Time - 3D clipping demo. DDJ example
enmeta.exe 126KHow to use enhanced metafiles in Win32. Microsoft sample 33KGame Console Module rev 1.02 - This game console module is the starting component for DirectDraw projects 204KHangman game for Windows 95 78K3-D Graphics Programming for Windows 95 by Nigel Thompson
palaware.exe 53KUsing palettes. Microsoft sample
palfade.exe 68KFade a Bitmap Using Palette Animation. Microsoft sample
pmwalkr2.arj 4KExample to create an animated icon 16KA OWL based screen saver w/ source 27KSTATIC - A WinG Sample Application
transblt.exe 35KTransparent Bitmaps. Microsoft sample
win2vga.arj 9KHow to use VGA mode 13h in Windows task
wincap.arj 87KWINCAP - Windows screen capture sample application
winfire.arj 10KFire routine for Windows by Jare of Iguana. WinG (C)
wing.exe 817KMicrosoft WinG v1.0 Development Kit - provides fast DIB-to-screen blts under Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, Windows 95, and Windows NT 3.5. Comes with help file and examples
wmapmf.exe 31KRead and Write Aldus Placeable Metafiles. Microsoft sample

- Sound 55KCD player class for Win95/NT 27KSimple CD Player for Windows 3.1
dspmid10.exe 3022KDSP-MIDI Streamer v1.0 - a combined digital hardware/software mixer to play MIDI files using Microsoft's DirectX 3 1KMonologue for Windows v1.5 Text-to-Speech DLL interface specifications
record1.arj 3KMultiMedia Waveform Audio Recorder
sinewave.arj 3KMultiMedia Sine Wave Generator 26KSTREAMS example illustrates the technique of streaming wave files with DirectSound. Implemented with C++ and Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) 32KDocs on TextAssist Embedded Commands 20KCreative TextAssist DDE Server (EXE only)

- Networking 36KFTP client that uses asynchronous socket operation mode. It connects to an FTP server, sends commands and receives replies according to RFC 959 21KProvides the standard TCP echo service (on port 7), as described by RFC 862. The application reads data from any number of echo clients simultaneously, and sends the data received from each client back to the client that sent it. 129KConsole Telnet 2.0b4 - telnet client with full color ANSI support for Windows NT/95 console. Can redirect the telnet session to STDIN and STDOUT for use with other programs
ftp4w.arj 38KFTP4W - FTP protocol (RFC 959) DLL and sample (C src) 30KAllows sending and receiving of multicast datagrams and experimentation with the multicast APIs 20KWorks as a client and a server using UDP in asynchronous operation mode to implement the simple daytime protocol, as described in RFC 867 56KContains the source code for the Vogon Poetry Web Browser, a demo platform for the Webster HYTML OCX 58KClient and server application, using TCP or UDP, in blocking, nonblocking or asynchronous op eration mode, sending or receiving or both. 18KWINSOCKX static library contains routines commonly used by WinSock applications
wnbdemo.arj 37KApplication for the Windows environment that demonstrates using the NetBIOS functions 165KWinSock subroutine library (static) 32KWSASIMPL.DLL provides a simple API for elemental network functionality using TCP: connect, send or receive data, and disconnect 29KTCP/IP and Windows 95. Sources from DDJ article

- Communication 45KSerial communication class for Windows 95/NT
comm.arj 71KVirtual Communications Driver (VCOMM) and Communications Port Drivers specification 5KA simple serial communications application
vcommfaq.arj 15KVCOMM Frequently Asked Questions 22KVT-100 terminal emulator
wkersrc.arj 60KWindows Kermit sources

- Windows NT Device drivers 41KDirect Port I/O and Windows NT - Purpose: Give direct port I/O access to the whole system. This driver grants total system-wide I/O access to all applications.
dma.arj 6KSources that demonstrate how to do DMA in a kernel-mode driver in Windows NT. Can be used as a skeleton for a driver
portio.arj 12KGeneric Port I/O Driver - a Windows NT device driver to provide simple access to 8/16/32 bit IO ports using IOCTL calls
zwcf.arj 5KSample code demonstrates how to open a file from a Windows NT kernel-mode device driver by using ZwCreateFile(). It opens the file, and then reads the contents into a buffer

- Windows 3.1/95 Virtual Device Drivers (VxD) 1KThe APPYTIME VxD demonstrates the usage of application time events, which are useful for calling 16-bit Windows entry points from a VxD
async.arj 9KSimple driver which shows how to use an async private irp to signal to a user mode application that a specific hardware event that it has been waiting for has triggered
blockout.arj 13KAn example of a Minidriver for Dump() and FilterGraphics() [or BlockOut()] callback functions
devvirts.arj 5KA document that demonstrates I/O device serialization and virtualization 35KVxD and application for monitoring Windows 95 file activity in ring 0 97KFSDEXT2 is a port (read-only) of the second extended file system to windows95. It is implemented as a windows 95 File System Driver (FSD). FSDEXT2 allows you to mount your linux partitions under Windows 95 on a dos drive letter
msgmode.exe 24KSource code to a virtual device that demonstrates using the message mode services 218KPorting VxDs from Windows 3 to Windows 95 95KA macro recorder program that provides keyboard and mouse macros that can be used anywhere and anytime. This macro involves the use of multithreading and having virtual devices notify a Win32 program of an asynchronous event. 102KIntercepting VxD services so that you can turn Windows into a fully extensible operating system 16KVCOMM Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
vdialog.arj 14KThis VxD demonstrates how to serialize I/O to a device under enhanced mode Windows
vdiskiod.arj 14KA sample VxD to demonstrate background disk I/O initiated through an API call from a Windows application
vfintd.arj 15KSource code of a VxD that allows a provided sample application to capture the interrupt from the floppy disk drive
vfood.arj 4KA basic virtual device (VxD) for the Microsoft Windows operating system 4KHow to use the Windows API Fault Hook routines to bypass Windows 95's interrupt processing
vhotkeyd.arj 3KVxD that will react to a user-defineable hotkey in a DOS VM under Windows, switch to the System VM and let Windows handle the hot key
vpostd.arj 19KSource code that demonstrates calling the PostMessage function from a virtual device
vwfd.arj 11KA virtual device that allows an MS-DOS application to determine if it runs full screen or in a window 13KVxD FAQ 7KBuilding VxDs in Windows 95. DDJ example 35KMicrosoft TCP/IP VxD Interface Specification v1.0 - Contains include files necessary to do development of ring 3 components in Windows for Workgroups 3.11 and Windows 95 that talk directly to Microsoft's 32 bit TCP/IP stack 87KVxD Interface for Winsock helper DLLs. Contains include files necessary to do development of ring 3 components in Windows 95 that bind a third party stack to Microsoft's 32 bit Winsock DLL.

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